The Seller’s Advantage

Depending on market climate, a home can go under contract in a matter of hours, and above asking price, or a property could sit for weeks, with few showings, and no reasonable offers.At Hancock Realty, we want to help each and every homeowner sell their property quickly, for top-dollar, regardless of market conditions.

Not only will we provide a full-service listing, including photos, MLS placement, yard-signs, etc… we discount the traditional listing agent commission from 3.2%, down to 1%*.

On a $600,000 home, that translates to $13,200 in savings. Imagine what you could do if you were allowed to keep $13,200 of your home’s equity. You could increase the down-payment on the purchase of your next home, you could pay off your credit-card debt, or you could invest in your children’s higher education.

*excludes commission paid to buyer’s agent. Typically 2.8%, but negotiable.

What you Can Expect When you sell your home with us:

  • We tour your home and advise as to potential repairs, updates and staging suggestions to maximise the sales price and minimize time on market.
  • After we have been through your home we will tour other comparable listings in your area to best ascertain a competitive list price.
  • We prepare the listing contract and all applicable disclosures
  • We provide you with an estimate of your overall closing costs, which will give you an idea of your net equity, after the sale.
  • Once your home is ready for the market we will list it for sale on the MLS along with many other sites such as,, Denver Post, Zillow,,, and
  • Automated showing desk for fast and easy access by buyer’s agents.
  • You will receive emails and text messages when showings are requested, you will have full control over when each showing occurs.
  • Receive automated feedback post-showing.
  • Review all offers, and select/negotiate to get you the best offer based on offer price, financing, inspection conditions, etc.
  • Once an offer is accepted, and we go under contract, we will work with you and the other agent/buyer to ensure that all steps are completed correctly, and on-time, in order to ensure a smooth closing, with no surprises.
  • Receive automated feedback post-showing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use my 2.2% savings for?

Anything! There is no restriction on how you use your savings. You can apply it towards the down-payment on your next home, or you can simply put it into a savings account for later use. Don’t think of it as a rebate, think of it as YOUR home’s equity, that you get to keep, rather than paying out as a commission for the sale of your home.

Do I have to pay the buyer’s agent 2.8%?

While 2.8% is customary, you can offer whatever buyer’s agent commission you feel comfortable with. But keep in mind, the more buyers we get in the door, the better chance we have of selling quickly" and at a higher price.  On the other hand, if you are selling a home in a desirable area, offering 1.8%, rather than 2.8% could save you several thousands of dollars, if a potential buyer were to find your property via their own search, rather than simply touring homes presented by their agent.

Does your listing service include open-houses?

Yes !  Subject to activity.

What if I already have a friend/neighbor who wants to buy my home?

If you already have an interested buyer, then you are in great shape, and can save even more!  Hancock Realty can act as a transactional broker, to help you and the buyer draft a purchase contract that protects both parties, and makes sure everything is done in compliance. Please contact for more information on our transactional broker service offering.

Given the rebate, are there any services that are not included?

No! You will receive full agency representation from a veteran agent, with over 20 years of experience.

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